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If you are just setting up a home office, there are more office supplies needed than you probably think. Depending on the type of business you have and office are you are setting up, the items needed can vary. Electronic devices such as a computer, monitor, and printer are obvious. Furniture such as a desk and chair are also apparent needs. But, what else might you need to have an efficient and effective work space?supplies photo

Here is an overall list of items that you should consider:

⇒ Calendar. You may use an online calendar such as Outlook or Google Calendar, but having one on the wall or desk is perfect for a quick glance. This allows you to keep working on your computer without having to navigate away.

⇒ White board – with markers, eraser, and cleaner. A white board or dry erase board comes in very handy for jotting down quick notes, but make sure that you have supplies needed to maintain the board as well.

⇒ Bulletin board – with tacks. These come in all sizes and are great for posting written notes and reminders.

⇒ Pens, pencils, paper, and sticky notes. These items may seem obvious, but there were times when I found myself searching for a pen and sticky note for an idea that popped into my head. Keeping these items not only in your home office, but throughout the house ensures that whenever a thought comes to mind you can quickly jot it down.

⇒ Batteries – for mouse and/or keyboard. Keeping an extra set of batteries nearby for your wireless mouse or keyboard is essential because it keeps you from searching the house or running to the store when your batteries run out.

⇒ Extension cords and surge protectors. You will want your home office set up in the most productive fashion, which means your desk may not be next to the nearest wall socket. Make sure when setting everything up that you have these so that you can put your electronics, lamps, and other devices exactly where you want them.

⇒ Headphones or headsets. Whether you listen to music while you work, communication via Skype, or use a dictation tool such as Dragon, be sure that you have necessary headphones or headsets nearby.

⇒ Index cards. Some people, especially writers, like to use index cards for their notes. These can be pinned to the bulletin board easily as well as stored without much space.

⇒ Coasters, napkins, tissues. Having these types of items in your home office keeps you from having to get up for them while working.

⇒ Lighting and light bulbs. Make sure that your home office has the correct lighting for your needs and even your décor. I like to turn on different lamps and lights at different times of day while I am working. This means I have more lamps in my home office than (probably) most people. If you are like me, take some time to see what type of natural light is available and what other types of lighting are needed. Be sure to always keep extra light bulbs nearby for each type of lighting you set up.

⇒ Mini fridge. This is not really essential, but I have found it to be extremely convenient. I keep drinks in my home office to keep me from going through the house while I am working and risking the possibility of becoming too distracted. Plus, it is just plain handy!

After obtaining the items necessary to make your home office run smoothly, be sure to keep up with your inventory. When you start running low on those disposable items, make a plan to replenish your stock so that you are never caught without the essentials.

Are there any other items that you personally find necessary for your own home office? Please share your thoughts in the comments below!

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